Millions March Against Monsanto

This past weekend over two million people marched in 55 countries with over 450 actual March Against Monsanto events. This was just too inspiring not to share! It is so awesome to see so many people take action against Monsanto and to stand up for the right to know what we are consuming and feeding to our children.

If you want to learn more or to take action here are some links and documentaries to check out.

  • The World According To Monsanto

  • Or Genetic Roulette to get more informed on what exactly GMO’s are and why you should care

We are doing our best to be conscious of GMO’s and to avoid them as best we can, although we haven’t always been completely able to avoid them entirely. It is not always possible to buy organic and it is impossible to know what is genetically modified when there are no laws in North America for labelling genetically modified foods. Coming across these inspiring videos and people has inspired me once again to stand up for what I believe in and to do my best to share information in whatever ways I can.


(photo source)

Stand up for our rights and our world by sharing this information with as many people as you can too. Whoever owns the seeds, owns the food supply. Do we really want to be consuming foods that have been genetically altered and completely denatured? Do we want our children and our grandchildren to inherit this kind of world?

“Any scientist who tells you they know that GMOs are safe and not to worry about it, is either ignorant of the history of science or is deliberately lying. Nobody knows what the long-term effect will be.” – David Suzuki


3 thoughts on “Millions March Against Monsanto

  1. So glad you posted about this and included so much good information on the subject. This is such an important issue for all earthlings. Food is what enables our bodies to function; I just don”t see how anyone could think GMOs are okay.


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