5 thoughts on “New Mraz

  1. Hi,

    I think I found a new song to add to my list of favorites. I simply loved listening to
    “3 Things.” How could one not smile from ear to ear while listening to this song?

    My favorite lyrics: “The third thing that I do now when my world caves in,
    is I pause, I take a breath, and bow and I let that chapter end.”

    I often think taking that “bow” is such a courageous act towards freedom. Thanks for sharing. Music is so soothing to the soul πŸ™‚


    • Thanks Priscilla! When I heard his new music, it so moved me. We had the song “3 Things” playing very loud yesterday afternoon. I was listening in the computer room and Craig was in the kitchen and I was about to cry. He walked over and asked me if that was the live version. I said yea and went on about how amazing Jason and the band are (mind-blowing, really). He said “Man, it was going to make me cry!” lol. Good stuff! I am glad that I shared it. I agree music is so healing. Serafina LOVES Jason Mraz and always has, so I know that it is really good stuff. πŸ™‚ Hope you have a great rest of your weekend!


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