Rain, Sun, Swim, Sleep



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Yesterday after a relaxing morning, (going for a walk together, having lunch and then hanging around house), we decided to take a little drive out to the town where my husband and I grew up to visit our parents. We go there often in the summer. It is so nice to have family so close (half an hour away) to visit when we want. In winter we hardly go out, but summertime is always nice to go visiting. My parents live on the lake and Craig’s parents own some property out of town in the country where it is so quiet and peaceful, we call it ‘The Farm.’ The girls love to go visiting their grandparents and have so much fun at both places.


We packed up some food, books, music (and some board games just in case) and headed out! It has been so rainy and we have had thunder showers nearly everyday, multiple times a day, on and off for the past few days. The fields even look like lakes!



On the way I read the girls some stories like I usually do. I take advantage of every opportunity that I can to read them something, since life can seem so busy. We enjoyed the imagination poems from The Waldorf Book Of Poetry.


When we were driving the rain was coming down and we thought we might not get any time on the beach, but when we got there, the sun shone down and allowed us a few hours to be on the beach and in the water.






Serafina of course got naked right away, but then we got her to keep a swimsuit on. She also got to practice her surfing techniques. We didn’t know she was a surfer! 🙂


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I had to go in too. I always say that I want to stay young and spontaneous as long as I can. The water is cold, you get all wet, it may not at first feel pleasant, but once you jump in, it is so much fun! I love to see the blue sky above me, the water all around me, the birds flying, the trees swaying, it really is very beautiful and peaceful. This was my first time in the lake so far this year, I had to brave it out. To my surprise, after teasing Craig to join me, he jumped in too and he hates being cold. My dad was around taking pictures for me (thanks dad).


After the lake, it rained again, a lot! We headed home, had a quick, late dinner, warm bath and a snack and it was time to read and get to bed.


Serafina was tired right out!


It was a lovely Saturday!