Celebrating Summer

Our summer has been awesome so far. Even before it technically turned summer, we had been having really summery weather.










I finally went swimming at the lake with the girls for the first time this year on June 20th. On Father’s day and the first day of summer, we went over to my parent’s place for a visit and enjoyed the beach there too. Swimming is my favorite part of summer!
















Serafina still loves water. She loves the bath, the lake, and when I do dishes she is right at the sink, “helping out.”



Kesa is still her super-crafty self. She is still always doing Rainbow Loom and coming up with so many neat creations.


We are almost all finished up our homeschooling year, but since we spent a month moving, we fell a little behind and will be schooling into summer. Still, Autumn has completed a lot of work throughout the year and was happy to present it to daddy.



4 thoughts on “Celebrating Summer

  1. Don’t you just love summer? There’s something so magical about those sultry summer days that warms the soul. I have a niece who is about Autumn’s age and since she has summer off….I am spending so much time with her before she is off to Jr. High School for 6th grade.

    She is only ten years old and yet (like you) it feels too fast and too soon. There is so much I want to do before she slips into that preteen world forever. Although, I am not a mom, I suddenly understand that feeling. But we have been busy crafting, baking, and swimming and making memories.

    Thanks for sharing these photos 🙂


  2. Sounds like you guys are just having a blast. I’m very happy for you. Water is a favorite here too for both the kiddos, but Little Man mostly. Just can’t get enough of it. I haven’t tried getting him to “help” with dishes. That might be a fun idea. I need to find a ttall enough step stool for him… and lots and LOTS of towels for the floor! LOL!


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