Enjoying The Last Phase


Autumn took a belly picture for me yesterday, at 38 weeks, 4 days and hopefully this is the last one. I haven’t been feeling very well at all and wasn’t really in the mood for pictures, but I knew I would regret not having the memory.


I have had a couple times now where I felt like labor was about to start, only for it to turn out to not be the case. Last night I was up at 2 am with cramping and contractions for over an hour and thought it might be true labor, but after I got up and had some water and waited around, they went away.

Still, I think that the pains are for something and hopefully soon true labor will come. Everyone is hoping/betting that he comes this weekend, but now since I had two false moments, I’m not so sure.

This pregnancy has been so different from the start. I’ve never thought I was in labor before and not been. We even headed off to my midwife on Monday so that I could get checked, but there was so signs of true labor yet. It was disappointing, but more so for the girls who were expecting a baby brother to come home with us.


So now we continue to wait. There are still 9 more days until my actual due date, but since Serafina was early, my midwife thought I could go early with this pregnancy as well.

I’ve done everything that I need to do and so it kinda feels like we’re just waiting. I’ve been passing time by baking with Serafina. We made 4 loaves of banana bread. Two one day, and two another and put those into the freezer, some of which has already been eaten. I might bake some more, just to pass more time and stock up on some more snacks to have when he comes too.

Another way I’ve been keeping busy is with exercise. My ankle is better now, so I’ve been continuing my prenatal workout and yoga, but swimming has been off the agenda since I do have a pretty large scrape on my knee and Craig is not in such great walking condition to chase Serafina around the park or beach.

On the stove top today is Black Bean and Barley Vegetable Soup which we are planning to enjoy with sandwiches later. I’ve been feeling so nauseous during this final stretch, as though it is back for one last hurrah on me, so I’m hoping I can stomach this. I find lately that he really wants vegetables, so vegetables he will get.


The other night I made the mistake of thinking pizza would be ok if I ate it at 5:00pm for dinner, but I still had heartburn all night long. I have to be very careful what I choose to eat still and some foods that I think will go down fine completely surprise me. It will be nice to have my digestive system back to normal, that’s for sure!

2016-08-25 16.20.31

Hopefully next time I post on here I will have baby news! 🙂 For now I’ll be trying to enjoy this last phase.