Five Years Old


Today was Serafina’s fifth birthday! 🙂

We celebrated by starting the day off with birthday gifts. She got mega blocks, some stacking toys, a little chair, a glow writing board, and a light up bath toy. All of these gifts are great for her sensory needs.

After gifts, we baked some banana bread into a cake. We also made banana chocolate chip muffins and a banana walnut loaf, since I had a lot of overripe bananas that I got at the store yesterday. I call her, “my little chef” because she loves to bake along with me and taste all of the ingredients. Another way she meets her sensory needs.


Next, we went to visit family and shared our baking. We spent some time on the beach and had lunch with Grandma and Gaga and then came back home to make coconut whipped cream and chop up fruit to make a fruity birthday cake.




I wasn’t sure what to do for her cake because she doesn’t really like cake. I knew if I made a carrot or chocolate cake that she would just eat the icing. Then I thought of the cake I made for her 1st birthday! A fruit cake with coconut whipped cream! Of course she would love that and it’s even healthier! She enjoyed eating the whipped cream and fruit and had a little bit of the banana bread “cake” as well.

It was beautiful and delicious!



Out of all of her gifts, I think Serafina’s favorite thing was the pack of raspberries that we bought for using on the cake. The girl sure loves her berries!


I can’t believe that my “baby” is five now and in just 3 more weeks we will welcome a new baby into our lives. I’m feeling very blessed and grateful for my life with my beautiful family!

- 195

Happy 5th birthday Serafina! ❤