Sunshine, School, Sickness, and Purple Hair (for lack of a better title)


My goofy gang 

After a few rough weeks (maybe even months) things are starting to look up. There may be some light at the end of the bit of darkness we’ve prevailed through as a family the last few months.

During the past few weeks Kesa had a flu, all of us have been pretty unwell, our van broke and is in need of repair, Craig lost a cousin, and I lost my family dog who was almost 14 years old. Those are some things we’ve been dealing with.

But the last few days have been really nice and sunny. Today we even got to go out together as a family for a walk. Serafina has literally not been outside in months and it’s something that makes her more hyper and upset for sure. The reason why we can’t take her out is because she won’t keep on her hat or mitts, or even her jacket and boots sometimes and it’s just too cold to not be dressed properly most days in our Canadian winter. We went for 30 minutes and at that point the jacket came off, boots too, but we were close to home by then. Craig ended up carrying her home.

The fresh air and sunshine was just what we all needed. I’ve still been going for daily walks with Pheonyx, Craig, and Kesa, or sometimes I walk Autumn to school, but it was nice to have Serafina get out today and be all together. I am grateful for that!


The three little ones.



I’ve been taking pictures with my camera instead of using my phone and I like it much better. Gotta get back into that for sure!

During the last few days Kesa, Serafina, Pheonyx and I have also spent an hour or so in the afternoon playing. Pheonyx is really into grabbing things and playing now, so I like to dedicate part of the day to that. Serafina also enjoys the time I take to spend with her too.

On Monday Craig met with the school while I stayed home with the kids and it is decided that she will go to school as soon as they can hire a worker for her, likely in February. It was tough to come to this decision, but we think it will be best for her and for everyone because we will get a break and she will have someone with her one on one to teach her.

Our hope is that we will see her be able to sit for longer periods and be able to engage in tasks and to learn to toilet train. Also, that she will learn some way to communicate, even sign.

As a mother, I wish that I could be everything to my kids. As a wife too. The past few months have been really hard because some days all Serafina does is cry and whine from morning til night so I came to a point where I knew something had to change.

Autumn is busy with school classes and homeschooling her is not hard, but Kesa doesn’t get much attention from Craig because he is busy with Serafina in the mornings and then is off to work. I’m also busy with my baby, who still needs me much of the time. This way, both Craig and I are going to have more time for Kesa. I am really hoping that Serafina will like school and that they will help her.

Pheonyx is doing better now too! His stools have gotten 100% better in the past week after I added dairy and soy back into my diet and eliminated gluten instead to see if this was the allergen. Turns out it was and he is doing fine in that regard, but he currently has oral thrush! If it’s not one thing, it’s another around here. Life with kids is always keeping us on our toes and unable to fully relax!


4 months old. Hands are always in his mouth!

All of the craziness made me decide to do something a little crazy. I dyed my hair purple for fun and to ease my stresses by doing something for me. It’s something I always thought looked nice in pictures I’ve seen and something I’ve always wanted to do, though I never felt quite brave enough. Pheonyx and Serafina love it on me. 🙂


I also made a page on my blog about the SAVOR cookbook. I still have copies for sale for those who may be interested. Feel free to share it with those who you feel may be interested.

Much Love,



7 thoughts on “Sunshine, School, Sickness, and Purple Hair (for lack of a better title)

  1. Your eyes sure do stand out with the purple hair. I love the purple by the way! Wow sounds like you all have been dealing with a lot. I am glad that your seeing light at the end of the tunnel.


  2. I love your hair Tiffany! Looks great and the colour is vibrant.
    I am sorry to hear about your dog. I am sure you have some great memories.
    Keep posting your wonderful pics.
    Take care
    Renata xx

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