Pheonyx – 4 Months

Pheonyx turned 4 months on January 9th. This is his 4 month update. Almost time for the 5 month one!

~ Played strange and acted scared of Grandpa for the first time.

~ Still dealing with oral thrush (frustrating for mommy), lots of yucky medicine.

~ Loves to grab for things all the time.

~ Interested in watching people eat and grabs for food and utensils.

~ Loves his Sophie rattle and to hold the girls’ Rainbow Loom toys.

~ Wants to try and crawl when on tummy to reach things. Gets frustrated when he can’t move. Tries to go onto his knees.

~ Sleeping from 10:30 pm – 7:00 or 8:00 am. Still waking many times a night, at least 5 to nurse/comfort. Mommy tired!

~ Passes toys from one hand to the other.

~ Reaches his toes to his mouth and loves to play with his feet.

~ Very smiley and content.

~ Still bald.

~ The best son anyone could ask for. So cute and sweet. Loved by all!


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