I love the weekends. Weekends are when we are all together. It is always nice to have Craig around, not only to see him, but to have him help out with things as well.


Playing drums with daddy

A few weekends ago we moved Autumn and Kesa downstairs to a new bedroom and their old room became a room for Pheonyx. We put his crib up in there because I was going to start trying laying him down for naps in there. So far, he’s not having it. He’s used to sleeping with me or having naps in the stroller while we walk and that’s ok with me.



Holding him in my arms, watching his slow breathing, his eyes closed, off in a dream is one of my favorite things. I knew it wouldn’t last forever. Now that he’s older, I’m more rested (or at least used to being sleep deprived) and I don’t need to take a rest with him as often, plus, he’s awake for longer stretches. We are still co-sleeping at night and there are many wakings, but I’m still savoring it.


Our big boy (almost 6 months old already) is also starting to try solids. This boy loves to eat! I’m pretty sure he would eat a whole jar of baby food in one sitting, but I’m not sure I should let him yet. It’s funny how you forget how to parent with each new kid you have. I can’t remember what I used to do for Serafina and each kid is just so different.


He’s also wanting to crawl and rolls to his tummy instantaneously. He just isn’t sure what to do from there as he flails about like a fish out of water, trying to grasp a toy just out of reach. Poor thing. And he can pretty much sit on his own. In just a few weeks I’m sure he won’t be wobbly anymore.


Hat made with love by Grandma 

The days have also been sunny for the most part, which is so nice! We’ve been getting out walking and soaking up the rays.


This weekend we went to visit family and aside from that took it pretty easy. Kesa has set up a restaurant in the living room with her kid-size table and chairs where she serves me every night. We share a snack together at that pink table and make many memories.

Foods we’ve been enjoying are gluten-free pizza, homemade granola and quinoa burgers and soup. I’m enjoying cooking more, especially with girls who are so helpful with clean up afterwards. Kesa has been doing dishes now too and actually enjoys it! Sometimes I find her asking if there are more dishes to wash. If I had to choose my favorite household task it would be dishes too. I guess I just love water and have no patience for organising. That’s a job Autumn and Kesa both love. I think it’s so neat how we all fit together as a family unit with our likes and dislikes.

Serafina has been getting more used to school too. We started giving her more melatonin at night and she’s been waking up so happy. I guess she’s well-rested.


Today I am graetful for my family and the life we share together. Hopefully soon enough spring will arrive and we’ll have a little boy crawling around in the yard. We also can’t wait to introduce him to the beach!



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