Playing The Game


Do you sometimes feel as though it takes a lot of energy to stay positive and keep your mind focused on your goals and dreams?

When those thoughts come up it’s important to remember what it feels like when you don’t focus on those goals and dreams! What happens? You get discouraged. You get down. You get depressed. Your energy is so much lower when you just give up and not bother taking control of your thoughts and keeping your eyes open to signs and blessings. Moreso than if you stayed in the flow of positivity and kept your spiritual eyes open.

I know so many want to give up because they think it’s easier. And yes, following divine guidance and staying awake is NOT always easy or comfortable. Maybe it never truly is easy. It seems like we never get to stay too long in the bliss before we’re called to dig deeper and grow and transform once again.

It’s like we’re in a video game and once we pass certain levels and defeat certain bad guys we level up. It gets harder. BUT you also get smarter. You learn more tools to help you and you get STRONGER and more confident after playing this game. You know what to expect. You learn what’s lurking in the shadows and what places/people to avoid.

Wherever you are at today in your life and whatever you are going through I just felt inspired to share this message: You can do this! And when you feel like giving up, just imagine how much harder that would be and how much energy that would drain from you compared to how hard it seems sometimes to stay focused and positive as you fight your way, level by level to your dream self and life.

You’ve got this! And you’re never truly alone. ❤

Take a break when it’s hard. Cry. Feel sorry for yourself. Then level up! Greatness awaits.

Much Love!

4 thoughts on “Playing The Game

    • So grateful that it resonated with you Jacqui! I haven’t blogged much these days, but I am back on Facebook where I post. Are you on there? I will try looking you up! 🙂


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