Opening To Spirit

I live in this existence that’s too small for me and I know it. And I wonder how many other people know it too. We are meant for such great things. Each and everyone of us, I believe. And even if we’re doing something that seems not-so-grand, that seems to not be touching anybody’s life, each of us is. We are connected in an intricate web of relationships. Our lives touch other people’s lives even if we never ever know it. The person that we are, the energy we bring into a room, the little acts of service we do to others, all have an effect.

If we could become conscious of how this is working in our lives and the people around us. If we could become conscious of our energy we could rise above our egoistic tendencies and instead seek to only be of service and be used as a vessel for Spirit.

There are situations requiring people with open hearts and open minds to intervene all the time happening around us. But often we are too engrossed in our own selves that we cannot see these things. We don’t even bother to pass into another soul and feel what they might be feeling because often times we are so entrenched in our own feelings we don’t even notice the other.

Judgement gets in the way. We judge others, we judge our situation, we judge how things should be. We have our agenda and we want it to be what we want but we forget that in releasing what we want, or at least how it will turn out for us, we allow Spirit to intervene and create something so much more wonderful than we could ever imagine.

We come up with scenarios of how badly everything could go if we let go of our control. We can never let go of our control because what if something doesn’t go the way we thought that it should be? And it’s exactly that that stands in the way of us receiving what we ask for.

We have to banish all thought and agenda that comes from our own being when we ask for something. And before even asking we should really and intimately inquire with our innermost being if this is truly for our highest good and the highest good of those that are involved in our lives.


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