A New Start

In the beginning of March I saw a sign for a house for rent out in the country up at the grocery store in town. It looked like a comfortable, quiet little home and being out in the country is something that Craig and I have always wanted to do for our family. We talked about it and prayed about it and we got to go and have a look at it.

It had been a while that we had wanted to move from town. We wanted to move out of the house that we were in. It just didn’t seem the right house for us. I guess there are just certain styles and vibrations to a living space that just don’t suit certain people. Country living would not suit certain people and that fancy house we had in town just wasn’t us. Yes, it was beautiful and there were many great things about it, but it wasn’t ever completely comfortable and certain things about the layout we just didn’t care for at all.


We went to look at this house and immediately we loved it. Driving down country roads to find it was another story. It is way out in the middle of nowhere, but that is just what we wanted. We wanted change and it’s a completely new experience. Living out here in the country is going to be so great for the kids. And it’s so much better suited to our vibration and what we love.


I love how the living room and kitchen are connected to each other and wide open. That is something different about this house than our last house. I also love that there’s just one bathroom. Our other house had 4 bathrooms which was a lot to clean. We also had a full basement the size of our big house which I felt like was a huge waste of space. This house is a lot smaller so we had to downsize a lot. Serafina has a beautiful room that’s pink with zebra wallpaper and we took out the carpet and painted the nice wood floor black in there because she is still not potty trained and has accidents, plus, she can be messy.



There are three other bedrooms upstairs. One room we were going to use as a Homeschool Room but that is where we put Pheonyx’s crib. Kesa and Autumn are sharing a lilac-colored room and our room is a lavender color. I love when I get to paint the colors that I want. Purple seems like a nice vibe and is very soothing.

So we moved last Monday and the last while we’ve been busy unpacking and organizing and buying the last couple things we need for the house. We still have clean up to do at our other place that we rented but we’re taking a little break this week from that. Things have just been so busy every day!

It’s always sad to leave memories behind that you made in an old house that you lived in. It was a little bit sad at first for me before we got settled into this place. But I am feeling so at home and it is such a heavenly feeling being out in the country, surrounded by trees and blue sky and going for long walks down country dirt roads. It is also completely quiet because neighbors are miles away.


To make our new family life more complete, we also adopted a dog! We could never have a dog in the other places that we lived so this is a new experience. We found a three year old golden retriever who is absolutely wonderful with children! He is such a blessing and he loves to go for walks which is what I wanted a dog for. A dog to protect us from wildlife and guard our yard and our children. His name is Toby.


Yesterday we spent a lot of time outside. We went outside three different times  in the yard to play. As we are getting more used to being out here it seems less spooky. And now we have the dog too to bark if any animals come nearby. The people that live around here have said there are bears and coyotes and different wildlife so it’s good to be safe.


It was so wonderful to watch the kids playing outside and having a great time. It just makes me feel like they’re so free and so blessed to have such a big yard to play in. Serafina was splashing in puddles and the girls were swinging on the swing that we have out back on a tree. Pheonyx also had his rubber boots on and was getting a little bit muddy and  the dog was overjoyed to see the children playing in the yard. It was the perfect picture of a happy country family. Everything that we’ve been wanting for such a long time.

Being out in the country also means that the girls (Serafina and Autumn) are back at home, homeschooling. If they were to go to public school again they would have to go to another town that is closer to us. So they stopped going to school in the town that we were in and we are trying a homeschool trial. I’m right now in between still getting settled into this place and establishing our homeschool routine. For me, that feels a little bit unsettling because I like to have things in order and have some kind of rhythm to the day but there are things of course that they are learning throughout the day that aren’t technically “school.” We do our cooking and our baking and our cleaning. They do laundry they help with the younger children and throughout the day Kesa will be making up her own short stories and asking me how to spell different words. Autumn also started on a history block. We are working through the age of Revolution by Charles Kovacs.

So I feel very happy in this stage of life, to be mother and wife to the family. That role has always felt best to me. It seemed like our life was heading in a direction that I didn’t feel right about. I never wanted to have my kids in school and have to end up going to get a job . It was something I contemplated for a while, well, doing something on the side at least since I had less children at home. But it just doesn’t feel right to me. I plan to still do  something with my  Reiki and my paintings some time in the side, but my children are my priority right now. Having my children away at public school just never did feel right inside.

Things had gotten harder once Pheonyx was born and Serafina was a handful. It was stressful for Craig and I and at some points we were wondering if our marriage would even make it. Getting life back on track to how it was before we found out about her diagnosis feels really great. I’m in the kitchen baking and cooking things for our family and we’re all together in one space. Craig is doing his fatherly and husbandly duty of going to work and he also has always been such a good help with the kids when he has time. The thing that I realized is also very important is taking time for ourselves. With a busy family schedule we need to prioritize some time to take for ourselves and for ourselves as a couple.

This life may not be what most families would want but it is what we want. The time that they are young children goes by so fast. For me, I want to enjoy that time as much as I can and be as close to them as I possibly can. I also love how the siblings are so close to each other and so loving. Life feels these days that it’s finally the right fit.

I know that we will make many wonderful, unforgettable memories here in this new home. ❤

More pics when things are more in order!