Waste-Free Vegan Lunch Ideas For Kids

Have I got a post for you this morning! I have been planning this one for a while now. Today I am going to share with you how I put to use my daughters Bento Lunch Box by packing her nutritious, colorful, vegan lunches every day of the week! I love this lunch kit because it makes for a completely waster-free lunch and even comes with a stainless steel fork and knife. She also takes her Kleen Kanteen water bottle to school everyday as well.

I hate waste and I especially hate unnecessary waste. It used to really bother me that all of these snack foods come in little packages and that all of these juice boxes, plastic containers and plastic baggies just get thrown away. Then I decided to just STOP BUYING those things and instead making my own snacks. It is much healthier and cheaper and the best part is that there is little to no waste. It still bothers me that people keep buying those things and making so much waste, but I know that I can only make changes in my own life and that in doing so, I can help raise awareness through my blog.

My kids mostly snack on fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, dried fruit and whatever I may bake. We buy our  nuts and dried fruit in bulk and reuse the bags that we purchase them in next time we go to the store. I also never buy anything that contains sugar or white flour, but instead make my own crackers, cookies, granola bars, muffins and even bread.

When I pack a lunch for my daughter, I always make sure to include fresh fruits and/or veggies for her snack and usually some home-baked bread, cookie or muffin. Her lunches usually consist of leftovers from our dinner the night before, which is always a nutritious vegan meal or some whole grains (like her favorite couscous) and vegetables.

I make an effort to waste as little as possible and the food I purchase either doesn’t come in a package (like fruits and veggies), comes in recyclable packaging (like canned beans or a jar of applesauce) or we buy in bulk (like nuts and grains) and reuse the plastic bags until they are no good. That is what I have chosen to live by. Also, whenever I go to the store I bring our own reusable bags. Never forget to BYOB! Keep them by the front door or in your car so that they are in a convenient location and you won’t forget them on your way to the store. All of these things are things that we can do to help the planet. And this is so important because we only get this one and I want my children (and yours) to grow up on a clean and healthy one. 🙂

So without further ado, here are 10 Waste-Free Vegan Lunch Ideas to keep your child and our planet happy and healthy! Some of the recipes from her lunches can be found on my recipes page and I have included a blue link for the ones that are.

Lunch #1

  • Banana
  • Cherry Jam Sandwich on Whole Wheat Bread
  • Mary’s Organic Crackers
  • Baby Carrots

Lunch # 2

Lunch #3

Lunch #4

Lunch #5

Lunch #6

Lunch #7

Lunch #8

Lunch #9

Lunch # 10

I hope that you enjoyed this post and that it has inspired you to waste less and become a more conscious shopper. Packing waste-free, healthy, budget-friendly snacks and lunches for your kids can be done! Also be sure to check out these tips for packing waste-free lunches.

43 thoughts on “Waste-Free Vegan Lunch Ideas For Kids

  1. My oldest daughter will be starting school this Sept. and the thoughts of packing vegan vegan lunches is kind of overwhelming!….not to mention “nut free” lunches becaue the school won’t allow nuts (and I don’t thing I can even send in seeds?) I’ve went though several websites to give me some ideas and your website made me feel at ease with this whole new venture! The photos of the lunches really helped me.
    One of my biggest thrills in the last couple years have been when my kids ask for sprouts, nut milk, carrot juice, green smoothies…
    I really want my kids lunches to “look like” the other kids lunches so they aren’t made fun of just because they eat “differently” Perhaps this won’t even be a worry at all….I guess there are bigger things to worry about isn’t there!
    Thanks 🙂

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    • Thanks! I felt the same way, especially about wanting them to feel like they have a normal lunch. We can’t send nuts to school with our daughter either, which makes things even more difficult. It is great that your kids like to eat so healthy! I am glad that you found this helpful. I think I will even do a second post on this with even more ideas someday.


  2. So glad I found your blog! With school starting soon, I’m stressed about healthy lunches that my kids will actually eat! Looking forward to trying your recipes!


  3. Tiffany, was looking for lunch and snack ideas for my picky eater –
    my husband! Love your pictures, lunch and snack ideas. I make up a weekly meal plan, but it has gotten mundane since hubby doesn’t care
    for a lot of veggies – hence we eat a lot of fruits and salads. You have helped me through this week and have inspired me! Thanks.


  4. Everything looks great ! But it seems to me that dishes like chili and the tofu dog would not taste great cold. Lunches at my house are packed at 6:30 a.m and my daughters eat at 11:30. Other blogs also have meals that should be eaten hot as a lunchbox idea. Thoughts?


    • Raw fruits and veggies are always good choices. Sandwiches made with nut butter and jam or apple butter. Vegan cheese and/or veggie sandwiches or wraps with hummus. Unsweetened applesauce or soy yogurt, organic crackers, trail mix, fruitsource bars, pretzels, healthy vegan goodies like muffins, cookies or quick breads (I have lots of muffin and quick bread recipes on my recipe page). I hope that gives you some ideas. 🙂


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  8. First, I love your blog! Your recipes look delicious and I cannot wait to try some of them! I love, love, love your kid’s lunch ideas and was thinking they would be great for my son (9) but may not capture the taste-buds or visual interest of my two daughters (4 and 2). We are new to Plant Based/Natural Foods living, and I am now struggling to overcome my toddlers’ demands for our previous not-so-health-conscious-lifestyle. If you have any other lunch ideas for that age group (the toddler years), or if you have any recipes that may not look as sophisticated (that sounds terrible…sorry…my kids were used to frozen chicken nuggets), I would greatly appreciate the ideas!!!! Thank you!!


  9. Thank you. I love your blog and just shared this article with the parents of the Montessori School I’m opening. Nice photos! Thank you!


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  19. Great post! You have some wonderful, healthy options for kiddos. I used to teach elementary school. Most teachers have a microwave in their classroom and I let students heat up their lunch, if needed (for those readers wondering about hot lunches).


  20. We are currently trying to transition into a plant based diet. I’m running out of ideas for my 5 year old sons lunch. These look like life savers. Thank you


  21. Thanks for this great article Tiffany! I have shared this link with my Facebook group “10 Minute Plant Based Vegan Activists”. (I offer a daily Tip for plant-based activism that can be done in 10 minutes or less) Please check it out! I see some other articles you have that I would like to use in the future. I love to promote other 100% plant-based sites such as yours!


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