The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Last night we decided to watch the new documentary by Morgan Spurlock The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. I really enjoyed it and thought that it was insightful, clever and funny. I forgot how bad advertising is since we live in a small town with no billboards or anything and don’t ever watch TV or buy magazines. We don’t even have a movie store in our town anymore. I feel good about not exposing our children to the powerful influence of advertising. Below I have included the preview for the documentary and recommend that you check it out sometime.

In other news, guess who is two weeks old today?

The days are going by so fast and my life is still not in order yet.Things seem pretty crazy around here sometimes.

I am having to get used to the girls wearing their bed heads for most of the day, a bowl of cheerios and a banana being a well-rounded meal and there being dishes in the sink and dirt on the floors. It is taking a while to get into any kind of routine but I am loving every minute just getting to hold and talk to my baby girl. I cant wait to get back in the kitchen again and come up with new recipes and to start doing yoga again though. I have been fortunate enough to go out for walks every morning and occasionally make it to the beach for a quick swim before she wakes up and needs to eat. Exercising definitely helps my mood. It is hard for me to ever just sit still and sitting is something that I have been doing a lot these days. I am once again learning to let go of perfectionism and having to just slow down, relax and appreciate life.

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