Back On Track


I feel like I am finally back on track and have shook myself loose from a ton of my negative thoughts (you could probably tell this by my postings lately). Of course, we are all always moving through different seasons of our lives, but I am glad to be getting out of that dark one. I find what really helps me is doing what I love. It is so hard when you are stuck in a rut and it seems impossible to get out. For me, it seems I always know what it is that I need to do to feel better, it is just a matter of actually doing it. The hardest thing about that is picking my sorry ass self up and living the life that I want to live. It is hard to change your thought patterns and bad habits! It is hard, but it is not impossible.

Since I started eating a salad a day, thinking more positively, taking time for me and moving my body every day (working out and doing yoga interchangeably) I have dropped 10 pounds. I was hesitant to post that on here because I don’t believe I am only my body and don’t want to offer people weight loss advice. I just think the power of positivity and taking action really does make a difference. I went from being completely derailed a few short weeks ago, to getting my life back on track and feeling even better then I thought I could just by making the decision to stop sitting around entertaining the negative thoughts and getting some positive energy flowing in my life. I just decided to start living my life the way I wanted to and doing more of what I love. I think the weight loss is just the reflection of the weight that I feel has been lifted from my mind and in my spirit.

So my message for you is that you can do whatever it is you want to do! You can have everything in your life that you want to have. Every day is a chance to be your best self and love yourself a little bit more so that you can love others. You will not get there overnight, but with consistency and positivity you will get where you want to be if you take it one day, one breath at a time.

Believe it! Convince yourself that you are 1% better every day and aim for that 1% a day. Put aside the all or nothing attitude and stop aiming for that 100% to happen overnight. Too many times I have done this to myself and then told myself change can never happen because it didn’t happen in one try or overnight so I just gave up. Even when I started working out it hurt. After the first couple of times my thighs were so sore I could hardly walk, I was bitchy and I did not want to do it, but now I am loving it. I feel healthier and happier after every workout.

When I started to make the change to be healthier all I did was add a salad a day. I wasn’t focused on eliminating all the things that I thought were bad or what I wanted to be gone from my life. I instead focused on the positive and adding in the good stuff, like exercise, fresh veggies and fruit, balancing time for me and time with the family as well as all of the other things that I love. If I say to you, “don’t think about chocolate brownies,” what are you thinking about now?

Choose an area of your life that you think you would like to improve and aim to be 1% better in that area every day. It can be in your thoughts and becoming more positive, it can be with your body, it can be with the kind of parent you want to be or in any of your goals. Whatever it is that you want for your life you can have. You are the only one who is ever standing in your way. Just take it one day, 1% at a time.

Love you guys! 🙂