Saying Yes

I got an e-mail in my inbox yesterday from Simple Homeschool that was about saying yes more often to our kids. I always strive to be conscious of my words around my children. I try to speak positively to them and over them, but being human I find that it isn’t always easy and that the ‘N’ word comes out of my mouth more often than I would like it too, especially when I am stressed out.

Jamie included a list of times to say yes to your children, which got me thinking about where in my life I could say yes more often and so I came up with a list of my own.

Times To Say Yes

  • When Kesa wants to pick out her own clothes in the morning and they do not at all match and are not always weather appropriate.

  • When Autumn asks me to play and I am in the middle of a post or really would rather do my own thing.

  • When Kesa wants to help me bake and stir the ingredients and I know that it will make a huge mess.

  • When they want to invade my bath and I was so looking forward to having that time to myself. One day I will bathe alone and miss having 1-3 little people in there with me.
  • Whenever they want to play with the play-dough. I hate play-dough mess.

  • When they want to go outside in the winter and I know that it will take 10 minutes to get them dressed in their ski-pants, hats, mitts, scarves and jackets.

  • When they ask for the glitter, paint or glue.

  • When the pile of books that they have chosen is two feet high and I have a list of things two feet long that I wanted to accomplish that day.
  • When we go to town and they want to go and look at the toys in the stores.
  • When they want to turn the freshly cleaned living room into a restaurant, school or play area.

  • When it is already getting late or they’ve already got their teeth brushed and they decide that they want a bedtime snack.

Those are just a few times that I can think of where I would like to say yes more often. This list has helped me to become aware of how often I say no because it would be inconvenient for me and that is something that I would like to change.  I desire to be less stressed about keeping things my way all the time. It is more relaxing and fun to just be flexible and let them be kids. It allows for a natural flow in the home and a more peaceful, joyful feeling. It is also so important for their development, to learn and to know that they are allowed to be themselves and express themselves in their play and dress.

Today I will say yes more!