Pengly’s Partner

Today was another day spent at the sewing machine.



Autumn decided that she wanted a penguin too, so today we made another one together.



We worked on it here and there throughout the day starting at around 10 am. In total it took a few hours to do, much faster than the first one and since I knew what I was doing this time I think this second one turned out even better.



I guess that I am now starting to see why sewing is such a popular hobby among women. It does make you feel as though you accomplished something.


Not that taking care of a home and raising kids is nothing! Far from it! But it is nice to take a break from the regular flow of things and make something beautiful.


I am also happy to think that they will keep these stuffed toys when they are older and remember how their mom made them together with them. Maybe their kids will even get to have them someday. I remember my mom making me my own toys when I was a little girl too. The girls now have my stuffed bunnies and other things that my mom made for me too. There is always something so special about having something homemade/handmade. That is also why I love to cook and bake too! It is so nice to do nice deeds for others. It always feels good to give of yourself.


I guess this means that a third penguin is probably on the agenda since I still have one more little girl. Now I know how my mom feels when she makes home sewn or home knit things for our girls. Like for Christmas 2011 when she made the girls each a beautiful waldorf-style doll.


Or the bunnies that she knit them at Easter.

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You can never get poor or depleted by giving of yourself, but instead, you become all the richer and more full the more you give love away.



9 thoughts on “Pengly’s Partner

  1. Love it! Autumn really looks like she is enjoying the process! I remember my grandma would also have to make one of something for me and my sisters. My mom, on the other hand, would usually stop at one thing for one child for their birthday or something. With 5 girls in the family she didn’t have time to make THAT many of something πŸ™‚


    • Thanks! I can’t imagine having to make five! If I had that many kids, then it would just have to be one for that child’s birthday or special occasion. We are having fun! Even though it takes a lot of time and perseverance.


  2. Alrighty now my friend, can you or are you going to start making clothing too? I think I’m going to need sewing lessons before I can.

    GREAT GOING GIRLIES! Fine work indeed and I can see you all had a good time doing it. You’re right Tiffany, let’s hope they remember making all the great things you do together.


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