Thinking and Planning

Life has been busy, but I feel ready to come back to writing, reflecting and sharing. It is always about balance and finding a rhythm and routine when raising a family of five. And like many of you said in one of my posts, it is also important to take time for me, for self-care and writing is a huge part of that for me. I rarely blogged this winter and even stopped taking so many pictures and videos of the kids. For a while all I was thinking about was all that I wasn’t doing right or wasn’t doing with and for them and was trying so hard to try and do everything perfectly, I feel like I got into a depression, which is so unlike me. Normally I focus on the good and positive. I realize not taking photographs, writing, reflecting, sharing and connecting led me to a pretty dark place.

Life isn’t easy (especially with a family) and I know it can never be perfect, so blogging is my way to celebrate the good, positive and simple joys that I find in life, whether it is in homeschooling, food or a recipe, something my girls said or did, a photograph of nature, an uplifting song or quote, a lesson learned in life. All of those things are like food for my soul and spirit.

A lot has changed in our life since I was last actively blogging, which makes me think of starting over somewhere new. I’ve changed, the kids have changed A LOT. Life is different. I am not sure yet whether I am going to stay here in this space and continue writing my journey or start over some place new. I think it might feel good to take on a new fresh start and give birth to a new self in a new space, a space still filled with all the things I love, like my kids and family, recipes, quotes, songs, thoughts, life lessons, spirituality.

I am also really thinking of sharing more about our Waldorf-inspired homeschooling. Autumn’s work is so amazing and I really have felt that it is a gift to be shared for those who are interested in this approach to homeschool. She does the most amazing pictures, poems and drawings. I feel like life is a lot more focused on the homeschooling than recipes now and that is maybe something new I have to share with the world. I just don’t have the time I used to to be in the kitchen with the homeschool planning and running after our busy toddler.

For now I am still thinking and planning, but just know that I miss all of you too and no matter where I go a big part of the blogging is sharing and connecting with you sweet souls.

If you feel inspired to leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!

Love & Light,



6 thoughts on “Thinking and Planning

  1. Yes, balance is indeed important! Something I strive for, but I also think that sometimes it is not a daily balance, but a weekly/monthly/yearly balance sometimes. Some days I have to focus more on some things while other days focus on other things. Taking time for myself is something I, too, need to do more often!


  2. I have found so much information on your blog: in the recipes, on the veg way of life, in your homeschool posts, and your writing about living a simpler more positive life. I truly enjoy your blog and love reading about your family. You are an inspiration, and I hope that you do find the time to continue writing and sharing. (I am also looking forward to receiving your book in the mail soon!)


  3. I have loved trying out your recipes and reading your blogs. Hope you continue writing. Life has its up and down moments and we need to keep evolving. It is a struggle to keep a routine especially with kids. Each day is different.


    • Thank you Ritu! 🙂 I have learned that many times already with having kids, it is all about adapting to the changes, going with the flow and being in the moment. The moments go by too fast not to enjoy them.


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