Our Week


We spent some time together being artistic. We did some more painting on Wednesday and yesterday we began whittling some gnomes out of fallen branches. It was hard work sawing and carving the wood to get them to be gnome -shaped. Soon we will paint their gnome hats.










We spent some more time at the beach and outside, trying to catch a bit of sunshine and fresh air amidst the many days of rain we are continuing to have. It makes everybody more happy.













IMG_1074 (2)

Serafina of course loves the puddles! She always goes straight for them, especially the most muddy ones.


And has to sit in them.


This morning Serafina was my kitchen helper. We made banana pancakes.






Really we had quite a lazy week. They all kind of have the tendency to fly by on me. I feel like I accomplished barely anything that I wanted to (as usual), but there were smiles and stories and good fun spent outside. Everyone is well-fed and well-rested and happy and we all had a bath today (which I count as something accomplished), even if my house looks like a bomb went off in it.






I will get to that sometime, but even when I do, it will look the same by the end of next week. And yes, if you look closely, that is brown sharpie all over our loveseat. That’s toddlers for you!

Still, life is beautiful!




14 thoughts on “Our Week

  1. Not to worry, there will be plenty of time to clean when the girls get older. I’m sure they will be helpful with house cleaning too. They will only be little for a little while, you are doing the right thing to enjoy them while you can. Autumn writes in such nice straight lines, I’m impressed by that! I cant believe Sarafina is helping I n the kitchen already.


    • Thanks Wendy! Autumn does have very nice writing (better than mine). I felt really happy having Serafina in the kitchen with me today. I usually am afraid of more mess being made, but she was curious and so I decided to grab my camera and enjoy our little moment together. Hope you have a great weekend! ❤


  2. Great artwork Tiffany. Thanks you gave me some great ideas. I love the birds with the beaks and the bodies made out of paper plates. Woodwork projects look like fun. Do you ever look on etsy.com.au? Great ideas there too. Have fun. Enjoy your nice weather. 🙂


    • Thanks Renata! I hope you enjoy doing some crafts with your kids. I do browse etsy occasionally. I have bought the girls some wooden toys off there, but decided it would be fun to try our hand at making our own. We will see how they like these little gnomes. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!


  3. These posts always make me smile so much, and I bet you too! Beautiful moments! and my house almost always looks like a bomb went off, and when I clean it, the next day we start all over again ha 😉 ❤


  4. Tiffany, I just love the last picture, your living room! Thats the way it has to look like when children are in a house. At least thats the way it looks in my house, ha ha. And if you clean up and turn around, it looks like before. 😉 The pictures on your kitchen wall are so great! Its a great way to show kids that you apreciate their work. Love it!


  5. On that picture where she’s wearing her swimsuit and looking dreamily into the distance, Serafina looks STRIKINGLY like your Dad! Funny. Your week looks like fun. I always feel better about my family when I spend time just BEING with them. Often, it feels like everything else falls by the wayside…but eventually, things that absolutely have to get done do get done. 🙂 Some intense heat today, hey? Yikes. I hope you were able to find a spot to cool off!


    • Oh my gosh! I did a super clean up today of the house and I was kind of sad at myself for the way things got, but we have read a lot of books lately and have been spending more time at the beach and just enjoying life (summer goes way too fast!). Today was so hot, we went out to my parent’s again to jump in the lake. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend Alicia!


  6. Looks like a fun busy week! There are usually 2 or 3 rooms in our house at a time that look like that, impossible to keep everything even remotely tidy. LOVE the gnomes, that is a project they will remember forever 🙂 Enjoy your times at the lake, summer goes by too quickly I’m sure.


    • I know it is impossible for things to stay nice and neat all the time. I always think that my home reflects my mind. Our minds can also never stay de-cluttered, although sometimes they are neat and tidy and positive. Life is about continual growth and development. I have plans to really enjoy this summer, it goes by way too fast!


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