Moved In

We are finally all moved into our new house! The last couple of weeks I was busy stripping wallpaper and painting, moving, unpacking, and organizing.  All of us have been helping out and none of us have really had a moment to actually enjoy the house yet.

Both of our parents have also been kind enough to come and help out; my mom has been helping with the painting and Craig’s parents have made a few trips out this way to watch the kids while we moved furniture and cleaned up the old place, which we are so grateful for.



Before we got to re-doing the place, it looked quite different! The living room was a dark pink color and the dining room had a lot of wallpaper — unappealing wall paper.

The hallway, master bedroom, and Serafina’s room also had wallpaper to peel as well. We were lucky that the home owner allowed us to take it all off and go ahead and paint to make it more homey.

Here are some pictures of the house before:






















































And after:















I still have a lot of unpacking and organizing to do, but I felt like taking the time to make this post, have a little breather and a look at all of what we have accomplished so far. I know some of you have also been wanting a peek at the new place and an update on what we’ve been up to. I am still busy painting some of our old furniture as well – the darker pieces to white for our now yellow bedroom.

The day after we moved in, we got a huge load of snow. IN MAY!







On Sunday we got the last things from our old place and after that actually took some time to put some water in the girls kiddie pool, sit out on the big deck and watch them play and enjoy the yard.





On Sunday I also got around to cooking and baking (something that I haven’t found much time for these days). Usually we have just been eating wraps and sandwiches or other easy snacks. We enjoyed the latest pasta recipe I posted and I made a new recipe for granola, Lemon Blueberry Granola, which is delicious!

I crave rhythm. I think that as important that I know it is for the kids, it is just as important for me. I like to spend my days relaxing and enjoying every moment with them, home cooking our meals and snacks, homeschooling, and just being there with my children as they grow and change each day.

Autumn is finishing up fourth grade in Waldorf homeschooling, lately we have been working on fractions and decimals and long division, and I have been spending time in anticipation of beginning my official homeschooling journey with Kesa soon. This book has been an immense help. I can’t believe that she is turning seven in just ten more days! Soon I will also have a birthday cake to bake and a celebration to plan. Seems like just yesterday that she turned six.

Hope that you are all keeping well! 🙂



22 thoughts on “Moved In

  1. The house seems to be coming along great. So much work you all have done! Happy early birthday to Kesa, too! I can’t wait for more new recipes.


    • Thanks Coco! Yes, it was very nice that he let us do that. He was happy to see how much the changes improved the house! 🙂 I have been so tired the past few days, and it has been rainy here, so I have been forced to relax. It will feel so great to get back into our groove again.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, it is so beautiful, dear! A new circle opening! May it bring the most beautiful memories with your family! Much love!


  3. I am in love with your round window!!! My goodness!
    So glad you are starting to settle in. I can imagine after all that you DO indeed crave some rhythm!
    Enjoy the fruits of your work. ❤


    • Thanks Jill! It is cool to have a round window! 🙂 Hopefully now I can get back into my homeschooling,cooking, baking, and blogging again! There is still a lot of organizing to do, but I think that I will do it slowly, over the summer. It goes by too fast not to enjoy it!


  4. What a beautiful new house! I can see your girls full of illusion helping a lot!! Love the kitchen, the round window, the living room, everything! Best of the wishes and so nice to see you’re posting again 🙂 x


  5. The colors you picked out are lovely and fun! That’s awesome that you can redecorate your rental house. We never did, everything was always just white. I LOVE your big round window, that is SO cool! And your YARD!!!


  6. The house looks great. It is spacious!!!! I loved the round window. Imagining the view and sunlight it will bring in. Loved your kitchen too!!


  7. Oh wow…….wow…you did an amazing job! I love it 🙂
    How absolutely cozy and picturesque. I am truly happy for you and the memories you will make there.


  8. I love the new house, so many big windows especially the round one. I would love to have a nice big round window like that to watch rain and snow come down.


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