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We finally got a bit of a garden in. We got a couple of tomato and pepper plants from the grandparents, as well as some lettuce and zucchini to plant, so we have a few things in there. I want the garden to be the girls responsibility this year, especially as part of Autumn’s homeschool.












Kesa learned to ride her bike without training wheels. This should have happened sooner and I knew that she could do it in a day, which she easily did. Now it is trying to get her to stay close and not ride a mile ahead. She is such a fast learner in all areas of life.








We have been enjoying early morning walks together, Autumn and I, doing mental math and finishing up our math unit. I love getting outside when it is still cool and the sun is just coming up.



It was so hot the past few weeks, we spent a lot of time outside.







Serafina still loves to play in the dirt. We are hoping to get her an actual sandbox soon to keep her from getting so dirty.






Bun Bun is growing bigger every day.



Musical creativity is flowing. The girls brought out my clarinets to play one evening. I am hoping that one will actually take to it.



Autumn’s friend came over for a sleepover and the girls had a great time! Her friend is also homeschooled. They enjoyed playing piano duets together, putting on a play, and cooking their own dinner, which was a soup they created with the ingredients that we had on hand. I enjoyed allowing them let their imaginations guide their time together.

This past weekend Kesa, Serafina, and I were sick. I am still recovering from a cold/flu and am on antibiotics, something I would never take unless I had to, but after a few days of only natural remedies, I spent two and a half hours in the ER to get in to see a doctor which ended in a prescription, so hopefully I will feel like myself again soon. I forget what health is like right now and I would like to taste my food again.

All in all, life is beautiful around here! It isn’t even technically summer yet, but the weather has been so wonderful!

What have you been up to these days? Have you spent a lot of time outside? Have you planted a garden?


4 thoughts on “Around Here

  1. Hello, and lovely post. It is so nice to see you are settled in so well into your new home. I regret June is passing by rather faster than I would like. I have a small group of students that I am working with over the summer and we have been busy with outdoor science experiments. Also, since midsummer’s Eve/Day is coming soon….so we are celebrating all things summer via crafts. As for me, I am looking forward to a less hectic summer. Not much plans or a vacation BUT there are some books I’d love to read and studying I need to do. Overall, life here has been good.


    • Nice to hear from you Priscilla! We, too are looking forward to our summer celebration. I will have to come up with some summer recipes to make with the girls. I have some ideas stirring in my head already. I find every month is passing so quickly, but taking the time to stop and reflect really helps to see all that we have been up to and to really appreciate these precious moments. I want to get more into reading again too, especially with the girls, but I see that life goes in phases and the nicer weather continues to draw us more outdoors.

      Hope that you have an awesome summer! 🙂


  2. I have been enjoying your posts and especially all the recipes! I have a couple questions for you. From reading previous posts, I think you were vegan while you nursed your youngest daughter. I’m wondering if you ever took any herbal supplements or ate more of a certain food to help boost your supply? I am nursing my four month old (my third vegan baby) and am once again having trouble with the quantity of milk I am able to produce. Our doctor seems to think I need to switch to dairy formula and i am desperate to find a different solution. Any suggestions or tips? Also I am homeschooling my kids with the Waldorf method and am wondering if you have a certain curriculum or specific books you use with your girls? Thanks for any info you can send my way. I love your blog


    • Hi Val! Thank you for your comment! 🙂 I was vegan while nursing Serafina and I never had a problem with my supply. I never have had that be an issue while nursing any of my kids. You could certainly check into herbal supplements. I did eat a lot though when I was pregnant and while breastfeeding. I ate a lot of banana bread and no-bake cookies and things like that which were calorie-dense and packed with good nutrition. Also, I remember eating a lot of fruit!

      In regards to Waldorf homeschooling, check out these post links on my other blog: For me, Charles Kovacs resources have been great. I also love the Waldorf book of poetry. I find inspiration from pinterest and build my own curriculum. Personally, I have read all of Steiner’s books on education too, which is the best source on the changing consciousness of the child and how to educate according to the different phases of development (so crucial). I am going to be having a series on my blog on Waldorf homeschooling in July as well, so stay tuned for that.

      Your questions on Waldorf homeschooling have inspired me to make some posts about what resources we use as well, so I will put together a list of our favorite books and post it soon. 🙂

      Let me know if you need anything else. Feel free to email me any more questions that you may have.


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