Last Days Of Summer

We have been enjoying the last days of summer. It has actually been very hot here (uncomfortably so), so the beach is where we go. We are so fortunate to be able to live a ten minute drive from a beautiful beach, our little paradise and home away from home.





When we go during the week, no one is there and the beach is all ours.






Serafina loves the beach and knows that every day we head there after breakfast. She goes right to the van, as if to say, “let’s get going!” She spends her time at the beach pouring water with her red cup or laying in the sand. Daddy mostly stays on the beach with Serafina, soaking up the sun.


I love to get in the water with Autumn and Kesa and cool down. We love to swim together, with wave upon wave splashing us in the face, laughing so hard, having so much fun.



The afternoons and evenings are spent in a relaxed fashion. We don’t do much, but read, or the girls do something crafty. We might even go for a walk once it gets dark out and cools off, watching the sun set.






Another place we have visited often this year is the pool in town. The girls all really love the pool as well. I enjoy it too, but it is costly and the beach is free, except for the price of gas it costs to drive the short distance. I also am much more into being in the natural setting the beach provides, as opposed to the pool, though both are lovely and any water is better than no water.




I have been back in the kitchen cooking and baking new creations, as well as perfecting them. I still have plans to create a second cookbook when I get around to sitting at the computer and creating the design, which I am looking forward to! 🙂 I am also open to any recipe suggestions that you might have, if you feel like leaving a comment for me with what kind of recipes you would be interested in for your vegan/vegetarian self, or family.


And since September is now upon us, I have also been planning our homeschool year and am eager to begin this after the long weekend. I spent last weekend roughly planning it all out and am feeling very excited to get started!



How have you been? How are you enjoying your last days of summer?

Much Love,


6 thoughts on “Last Days Of Summer

  1. I love your beach! It looks like some kind of private paradise… The ones here are always crowded and noisy (but so is everything else in Vancouver)… I didn’t realize that you were interested in writing a second book. So ambitious!


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