Craig was feeling tired Saturday and just not himself. We thought it was because of the fact that he was on holidays and just getting off nights that was making him off but then Sunday he realized he was really sick.

Luckily, together we were able to make a pot of soup before he got too sick so we have good food on hand.


Since Sunday we’ve been keeping our distance. Me and Pheonyx have been quarantined in my bedroom for the most part. Kesa comes in here too and spends time with him and practices her reading. It’s been really sweet.

Last night Autumn read some of our history book that we’re learning now as well while I nursed so I’m happy that schooling is continuing for us. Autumn has started school now part time too, so she has been gone half the day every day and will be gone every week day, half days, except Fridays. I can’t believe how grown up my first-born is already, in grade 7!



after a good feed

Craig has mostly been looking after Serafina and he even took her out on her bike a few times. I think Sunday and Monday were his worst days and he may be getting better now. It was quite awful though with his sneezing and total congestion. I kept praying that we wouldn’t get it.

This morning Serafina woke up with it and Kesa too. Kesa’s been napping the day away and Serafina’s been more whiny than usual. I had trouble getting sleep last night because I had a sore throat and burning nose as well. It’s just such a bad time for sickness, but I think Pheonyx is still doing OK for now. I’m sure that my breast milk has some immune-boosting powers in it so I just continue to pray that he’ll be OK and that the sickness will be gone from our house soon.

It’s sad to me that Craig hasn’t even been able to hold or bond with our son. So I’m hoping everything will change soon. I am thankful for a wonderful husband, who throughout being sick himself, has been able to take care of our little girl, cook for the other kids, and keep things clean. ❤

Today I took Pheonyx out for a walk. I’ve been trying to go for 25 minutes every day. I’m hoping the fresh air will keep us healthier as well. After our walk today he had a long nap and I quickly baked some more oatmeal cookies. The cookies have been a part of my breastfeeding fuel, and so yummy!

I baked and then got to clean up and disinfect a bit while Craig took Serafina to the doctor about a rash she’s had for months. We are low on doctors in our town so we haven’t been able to get an appointment until now.

It was nice to get things done while he napped and I know that as he gets older I will slowly get to accomplish more. It just felt good to do something other than just breastfeed, though I do so cherish these moments! 🙂

Feeling grateful for our life, even with this sickness in it. I always remind myself that things could always be worse.




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