Future Dreams and Chocolate Cookies

If I could, I would write a thousand books. I love to write and I love to reflect and without this ability, I would die. Honestly, reflection is basically 80% of who I am. Actually, if I’m honest, it might be 95%. And for somebody who has that many thoughts swirling through their head that they could write 1000 books if they had the time, writing is a very healthy hobby.

I can’t help it, it’s just the way that my mind works. And maybe a lot of people don’t understand it, or find it unnecessary to think so much but it’s just the way I am. Others of you out there reading might feel like you totally understand every word of what I’m writing to you right now.

The problem is, life is busy! Still, I want to find more time to write even if it’s just talking into my headset to write a blog and sort my thoughts out. I miss doing that. And I miss how so many of you could relate to what I was thinking and writing.

So right now, since I have a moment to myself, I decided to write. I can’t promise this will be much for entertainment or have any sort of point to it, so I’m just going to randomly write about and reflect upon different things that are going through my head right now.

Life has been amazing! Autumn and I have been going out for walks together every morning with the dogs. Yes, dogs, we got another dog. He is a white Siberian Husky puppy. And many people have said, “Oh my God! What did you get yourself into?” I hear that huskies are quite the handful. So we will try this out and see how it goes. So far he’s a really nice little puppy but he has no name yet. We just got him on Sunday and since it’s supposed to be Kesa’s puppy and she’s been sick I have felt guilty about naming it without her input.

It’s finally sunny and warm here. I am optimistic that winter is soon going to be over and we will get some kind of a spring, finally. Things are melting and the ditches are full of water today, flowing water! The dogs enjoyed running along and we let them stop and drink the water. The sun was shining hot upon us and it feels like soon we won’t need jackets anymore. It was a beautiful day.

I have made one new recipe in this house. Of course I’ve made other recipes but this one is a newly-invented one. I got the inspiration for it by purchasing this double chocolate cookie at an organic shop that we go to. Ever since I ate that cookie I’ve been trying to recreate it. So I tried to use some sugar in my baking for a change. The cookie is a double chocolate cookie made with maple syrup and sugar. It has a chewy consistency that’s not too crispy and not too cakey. If you’re into food, like I am, then you will totally understand what I’m saying. And if not you might just think I’m very weird for spending so much time making four different batches of cookies just to get this perfect. But it turned out wonderfully, and I hope to post the recipe to my blog soon! Because who doesn’t want double chocolate cookies that are vegan, low sugar and made with whole wheat flour and ground flaxseed but taste so chocolately and divine?

Serafina has been enjoying watercolor painting. Pheonyx has been enjoying it too, but Serafina is very possessive of everything and likes everything in a specific spot so she gets mad whenever Pheonyx tries to touch anything. Still, it’s nice to see them painting together at the little table that I bought for them.

Autumn also had a very busy past week. She had her piano festival and also participated in the honor band, playing clarinet. This was her first time playing in an honor band. That is something that I did a lot when I was younger and I played the clarinet as well. It is a wonderful music opportunity. For her piano Festival she played two songs and got gold for one and silver for the other. We were very proud of all her musical accomplishments this past week.

We’ve been spending a lot of time going to the old house to clean it. We still have that house until May 1st. Life has been so busy with settling in here we’ve only just now found the time to be heading there every day. It’s exhausting but I’m hoping that will be done by the end of the week. And then finally will be able to relax! Well, at least more than we have been in the last couple of months.

Other things that are in store are ordering Autumn’s courses for grade nine. She’s going to get a start on the grade 9 courses so that she can start getting credits already. It’s great that the independent study option goes all year round so she can take it at a slower pace and do two courses at a time all throughout the year if she wants to, or take a break for summer and do more at a time as well. I love the flexibility of homeschooling. For now we’re still working on history and she’s drawing maps and doing certain assignments that I’m making up on a whim when I have a second. It’s been a ton of fun.

Since Kesara has been sick, her homeschool has been put on hold. It’s just the way life is. Every time you think that you’re getting into some kind of routine or schedule something happens. For us right now that something is Kesa being laid up and unable to do anything but lay around extremely nauseous. I’m just hoping that nobody else gets this. So far, so good.

I haven’t seen much of Craig these days because we are so busy. I’m just so looking forward to the days when we can enjoy a meal out in our yard or on the deck together. And just lay around in the sun. For now, me and the kids are doing that but it’ll feel better when it’s all of us together.

Other things I’m looking forward to are a big garden, green grass, days of warm sunshine, days at the beach, and more yummy delicious new vegan recipes. Spending that time in the kitchen really makes me feel great and I’m so happy that everyone I have shared the cookies with loves them as much as I do.

That is it for my randomness tonight. It feels good to sit and write a minute.

If you feel inspired, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you! ❤



2 thoughts on “Future Dreams and Chocolate Cookies

  1. I hope Kesa feels better soon! We are also moving to a new house so I definitely understand the going back and forth thing. We also hope things will slow down soon. Looking forward to seeing your new recipe! We are gluten free, so I’ll have to try subbing almond flour maybe for that part. Hope some nice warm and sunny weather heads your way Tiffany!


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