Growing Up Fast

I haven’t had much time for blogging these past few days, but life is going better than ever. I am very pleased to say that I am now officially a homeschooling mom! I had always wanted to homeschool my kids, it was a dream of mine, but I always thought it would be a lot of hard work and I really didn’t know where to begin. So, we did what was the norm and sent Autumn off to school last year for kindergarten.

Ever since she started school, I never felt right about it. I stayed home with Kesa and would walk Autumn to school and pick her up. This year, I had to ask myself why? I brought up the subject to Craig again and we decided that we were going to take her out of school and start homeschooling as soon as we could. Last week was Autumn’s last in public school and we began homeschooling on Wednesday.

Our method of homeschooling is not the traditional way, but it is what I believe is best for our children. We decided to go with a child-centered approach, which means no curriculum (for now). The idea behind this choice, was to allow our children to be children, teaching them at the pace that they want to learn and not forcing subjects on them, but letting them naturally come to read, write and learn mathematics when they are ready.We offer them an environment in which they can learn and be creative, learning mostly through music and arts and by our living example.

So these past 6 days have been filled with outdoor/indoor play, walking, crafts, trips to the library, writing, drawing, dancing, crazy forts, piano playing, baking, and A LOT of reading…

Autumn is very in love with reading , especially fairy tales. We got her some books of Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales and she is absolutely enthralled.Other favorites are Frog and Toad, Mother Goose and Little House On The Prairie.

She also lost her first tooth on Sunday!

Would you believe that the Tooth Fairy brought her a fairy tale book?

Not only that, but she also left her a note!

Yes, these girls are growing up way too fast!

And that is the most beautiful mess learning environment I have ever seen!

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