This afternoon, the girls and I got busy making beautiful butterflies! The idea behind this craft was that I wanted to explore with the girls their uniqueness and teach them that we are all different and that it is OK to be different.

I traced their hands for the wings and then got them to think of five things that they love and five things that they think that they are good at.

Autumn came up with these:

I love…

  1. fairies
  2. my sister
  3. playing outside
  4. cookies
  5. books

I’m good at…

  1. piano
  2. biking
  3. crafts
  4. sharing
  5. climbing trees

Autumn also thought up a short story about butterflies that she wrote out.

When we were done making them, Kesa was flying hers around singing the lyrics to one of the Tinkerbell songs, “Fly To Your Heart.”

Fly to who you are
Climb upon your star
You believe you’ll find
Your wings
Fly to your heart

Melted my heart!

Of course it wouldn’t be fair to make the girls do this if I didn’t make one too. 😉

(my toe thumbs make me unique!)

Here are the instructions for making your own unique butterflies.

You will need:

  • white paper
  • toilet paper rolls
  • crayons/markers
  • stems from leaves or small twigs for antennae
  • tape

1. Get your child to write out a list of 5 things that they love and 5 things that they are good at. The things that make them unique.

2. Trace your child’s hands and cut out the hand prints.

3. Get your child to write out the five things on their list in each of the fingers of the hand prints.

4. Get them to color the hands (wings) and the toilet paper roll (body).

Give your butterfly a happy face. 🙂

5. Attach the hand print wings to the toilet paper roll body, by taping them on.

6. We used the stems of some leaves from another craft to make the antennae. Attach the antennae with some tape.

7. Display your beautiful butterflies for all to see!

Embrace your YOU-niqueness! Today and everyday!

Or as Autumn would say, “We are all butterflies!”

2 thoughts on “YOU-nique

  1. What a wonderful way to start my day – reading/seeing this. There are two children here in Arizona that I’ve adopted like my own grandchildren (their grandparents were my friends and both have passed). The children are Aiden (6) and Adeli (2). I’m going to enjoy sharing this with them. Thanks sweetheart!


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