A Wonderful Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

This weekend the rides were in town, so went on Friday. The girls have been waiting for them for over a month now. Or maybe it was all year long.

Autumn loves rides. Note the look of thrill.

Kesa, not so much. Note the look of terror. She got off right away. The crazy train was enough for her.

She did love to get candy though. We got them some mini doughnuts and cotton candy for a treat.

It was a big deal. She said with one hand holding a doughnut and the other holding a bag of cotton candy, “Look mom! Sugar and more sugar!”

Saturday we took a trip to get our groceries and it was pretty exhausting, especially because we have no air conditioning in our van and it was H-O-T! I can’t really complain though because we got to listen to Jason Mraz along the way which made it much better.

Today there was more tilling to be done it the garden and we got the onions in.

Autumn loves to help out in the garden too so she was right in there with the rake.

The girls enjoyed a little picnic outside as well.

We also went out for two walks in the sunshine and in the evening after we got home we sat outside and played a game of hula hoop, where I roll the hula hoop along the ground and the girls race after it.

It is Kesa’s new favorite game. Unless she loses and then she cries about how unfair the game is. She is a very sore loser.

For Mother’s Day today I got two new plants from the girls named Grace and Greeny.

Serafina enjoyed her swing.

And now I am off to read Little House On The Prairie.

Hope you had a good weekend too! ๐Ÿ™‚