I feel so good today! It is a beautiful day! The sun is shining and everyone is content! Things are looking up, up, up! πŸ™‚

I have still been working on my consciousness cleanse and today I began on part 2, week 2 which deals with The Present. The whole first week dealt with The Past and was pretty emotional for me. I shed a lot of tears and faced a lot of fears. Today I am feeling more liberated. It was so interesting too that today, day eight was titled The Power Of Liberation. I got to write a letter addressing all of the things I want to let go of and leave in the past. To declare that today is a new day and that I have permission to be who I want to be and let my light shine. I wrote out a list of things that no longer serve me and burned it up. It was so liberating to watch it all disappear before my eyes.

I feel that I worry so often about what other people think about me and about everything in general. And you know what? None of the stuff that I have been worrying about ever happens!! I am realizing this more and more as I have begun to face my fears. The fears are really not so scary after all. Life really is just outside my fears and what I am learning is that in facing them and pressing past the minimal discomfort of doing so, there is real life waiting to be lived. A beautiful sacred place just waiting for me to step into it with confidence and an open heart.

I found day 6, The Gift Of Surrender the most difficult for me. I had to take a few days to finish because it was a tough one. I had to write out all of the feelings that I have deemed wrong, awful, scary or unacceptable. The feelings that I have denied myself and when I began to write, the list ended up being rather long. I then had to choose the top three feelings that I avoid and dig deeper into why I avoid them and what avoiding them robs me of. It was tough, but I feel so much better today that I took the time to go back and finish it and now I can move into the present with peace.

I have been doing a lot of prayer and have noticed a whole lot more peace in my life when I do take the time to surrender things in prayer and not have to carry around so much fear and worry. I have also been practicing not letting my emotions overtake me and watching my thoughts more. Like when Serafina starts to cry out on a walk, I just breathe and try and relax. I know that it is no use getting uptight and stressed out because there is not much I can do when we are so far from home. I have been watching my thoughts and have been able to catch myself being led by negative thoughts and going off into a state of negativity and being able to stop myself before that happens.

Life is good. We have been eating more yummy and satisfying foods. Fresh fruit and veggies, oats, seeds and nuts. Spending lots of time outside and just relaxing. The leaves are all out now and they are gorgeously green. I have also been able to have the windows open again all day and night. It is so nice to hear the birds singing in the morning.

I have also made some decisions about my book and am going to start working more towards that goal soon. I won’t say too much about that because there are still some uncertainties. πŸ™‚

The above six pictures were taken by Autumn with my camera today! She likes photographing feet, just like me. I thought that was rather cute when I took a look at what she photographed.

I did want to share some quotes from Debbie Ford’s 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse book that I underlined. Some things that have really spoke to me so far.

  • When you give power to your ego’s life-draining emotions, you embark on a depressing ride to the familiar territory of your problems, upsets and dramas of the past. This is where you have a powerful choice to make. You can live in heaven, or you can suffer in hell.
  • No matter what you may understand intellectually about God-consciousness, your mind cannot take you there. Your intellectual knowledge of God often prevents you from having the very real experience of God because intellectual knowledge alone limits the possibility of something greater. Your mind can not and will not take you where your heart longs to go.
  • If you don’t periodically detox your mind through a consciousness cleanse, you can think affirming thoughts and read uplifting thoughts all day long, but these new thoughts can’t actually penetrate into your awareness because it is already filled to the brim… “I am successful” can’t take root when what is already taking up space in your consciousness is an old belief that you have been holding for the past twenty-five years, “I am a failure.”
  • Affirm to yourself daily that you are a holy and glorious manifestation of God and the world needs you. Say this a thousand times if you have to.
  • Tomorrow is today. Change doesn’t happen in the future; it happens right now, by taking action in the present.
  • Darkness is nothing more than an absence of the light.
  • In the realm of divine consciousness, you don’t need to know. You also don’t need to not know. You can see beyond beliefs, beyond knowing, and beyond not knowing.
  • Being an archaeologist of life-draining beliefs is not your soul’s passion or mission, you must let them go.
  • Where there is ignorance, there is intolerance; where there is intolerance, there is darkness; and where there is darkness, there is repetition.
  • The more love and reverence you give your body, the better you will feel. The more attention you give your sacred container, the more divine power it will be able to hold…Bless your body, and it will bless you back.

Wishing you all a wonderful evening!! πŸ™‚