Fall Gratitude


Life has been busy these days, but mostly busy with good things.

The season is changing and it is time to pull out our jackets and hats (I’m sure mitts soon too). Autumn and Serafina are full time in school now and I am still adjusting to just having Kesa and Pheonyx at home. We have started our third grade of Waldorf homeschool and Kesa is doing great! There are so many things she wants to learn this year too and I am happy that I will have the time to do this with her, as I did with Autumn, while Craig watches and bonds with Pheonyx.

Seeing Autumn go off to school was a very hard thing for me. I felt that time really had just slipped through my fingers. Those years having all of my kids home were the best years of my life, but now we move on to a new chapter. I am thankful for the memories as I step into something new and adjust my focus. Still, how can I have an almost 13 year old?! And when did Pheonyx’s first year fly by? I swear that all I did was blink!

These days we have done a lot of cooking and baking as fall beckons. Soup, bread, muffins, cookies. Kesa has even started taking initiative in the kitchen and a couple of times I found her making her own recipes! She literally just, “throws the ingredients together”, and her cookies are AMAZING! I think we may do an “Itty Bitty Baker” cookbook together as a school project. Another thing that she wants to do is learn to crochet.

Fall also has that feeling of wanting to slow down and just be present. I foresee much reading in our future as we cuddle up together and begin the hibernation process. Well, you fellow Canadians know it’s not that bad, but there will for sure be a significantly less amount of time spent outside during the colder months.


Here is my fall gratitude list.

I am grateful….

~ for the beautiful, changing colors of nature during fall


~ for sweet, baby smiles and big blue eyes


~ for chilly days and nights and a gas fireplace


~ for a big pot of soup

~ for homemade baking and making our own bread

~ for the ability to see from a higher perspective

~ for a little bitty baker, who wants to make her own recipe book


~ for an almost teenager who still loves her mother

Life is beautiful! I am grateful! ❤


5 thoughts on “Fall Gratitude

  1. So much goodness 🙂

    I find that parenting always seems to be walking that tight rope between what is hard and knowing that tomorrow will come so quickly. What was hard will have passed and with it whatever was so joyous! For the first time I have all of my guys at school 5 days/week and it certainly feels like “what happened to their young childhood?!” It’s so wonderful to see them grow and change, but what we wouldn’t do to go back in time and hold those babies just once.

    Blessings on this new adventure!

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    • Yes. It feels like sometimes time is moving so slowly, especially in times of transition, but then you get to the other side and miss where you were and how things were. Definitely some bittersweet moments, but no time to dwell there. Always have to pick ourselves up and keep moving along with the flow of life. Love to you Coco! ❤

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