Ode To Fall

The seasons have changed.

This evening we went out together for a walk and got to behold the absolute beauty of fall.

I love this season! I love fall so much, that I decided to dedicate this entire post to it. I also wanted to share some pictures I took of the girls tonight.

Ah Fall!

I’m looking forward to doing a lot of baking this fall and trying out a lot of new recipes that I have. As it gets colder out, I think I will feel more like spending time in the kitchen to see what I can create.

This summer was really great too! I only started running in June. I love to run outside, there is something about running on a treadmill that seems so unnatural to me. I guess if I want to keep running outside I am going to have to acclimatize myself and eventually brave the cold. 😦 I HATE COLD! Either that, or breakdown and get a treadmill. I also have plans to try out some different types of yoga.

What are your plans for fall? Is there anything you particularly love about this season?

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