I sometimes wonder if there is any point at all in cleaning. I often just finish cleaning up one room and turn around to see that another is a big mess.

It isn’t that bad. I mean, the messes that my children make are no doubt a result of creative play (which I encourage) but sometimes I just do not feel like dealing with any more mess in a day. Usually it is bits of cut paper or crayons, baby dolls on the floor or books off of the shelf. It is also messy floors from the time that they were outside playing. The messes that they make tell a story of what sort of playing adventures they are on and helps me to get a glimpse into their minds.

Autumn is still always writing and drawing her stories. Kesa likes to copy her big sister and is trying to write letters now too and make up her own stories. She loves to draw pictures of the family or of me and her together. Right now I have a picture on my fridge of me pushing her on a swing and another of me baking cookies as she waits at the table, among many others.

The other night I had finished cleaning and was in the kitchen making granola for my hubby to have for breakfast the next day. I looked over into the living room to see that it had been transformed by Kesa into a movie theater.

There were chairs set up in front of the T.V., a cookie stand and a table with merchandise to buy on it.

I was tired and did not want to clean up the mess. It was also late, so I didn’t want to start making them clean it up either. I decided instead to take some pictures to remind myself of how I will miss these times one day. It is like my mom always says to me when we talk on the phone and I complain about their mess. She reminds me about how mad she used to get at me for messing up the house with my crazy, creative ideas as a kid. Now, she wishes that those times hadn’t gone so fast and she misses when her kids were there to make messes. I know that I too will someday feel the same.

I guess that I just need to remind myself of the saying that my mother-in-law gave me, which is hung up in my kitchen.

And remember to relax and enjoy every moment with them while they are still here with me.

The mess can wait.



4 thoughts on “Cleaning

  1. There is not a day that goes by that I miss the days when my kids were underfoot. Now that they are all grown up I guess I wait for the grand children to take their place. But I am in no rush for that! I love to live those memories through your blog.


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