Island Adventure



This weekend we decided to take a picnic lunch up on an island not far of a drive away from home. We haven’t been here as a family since 2012, when Serafina was a baby, so it was time to make some memories.



We packed buns and fixings for sandwiches and some snacks and found a nice spot to sit and eat.



After, Kesa wanted to go off exploring along the beach and some trails.

Luckily, my ankle is healed up so I could walk with her. Unfortunately, and ironically, Craig also sprained his ankle on the same foot as me, but his is much worse and so he is not really in walking condition now, so hopefully he heals up quick too! It was such a weird thing to have it happen that on Saturday he would also get injured. Maybe sympathy pain?



So, we took it easy and enjoyed a family day in nature. Serafina was really good too and didn’t try to take off on us or anything, so that was good.



After checking out a few spots and stores, our last stop was Sunset Beach. No one brought swim stuff, but maybe if we get a chance before summer comes to an end we will come back and try out a swim here.




It was a wonderful Saturday, and then Sunday we had to take a trip into the city to get some last few things for baby and some stuff for when Autumn goes part time to school.




I’m looking forward to enjoying this week and we’re so hoping to meet our little guy soon. Hopefully I will get one more belly picture before then as well!

Tomorrow I have a midwife appointment, so she will also check and see if anything is going on labor-wise yet or not. We’re down to 13 days now, which is really any day now.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead! 🙂



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